Why Companies should consider JDT Management Services Pte Ltd as a Corporate Secretarial Agent

(1) ACRA Approved Filing Agent

  • Extensive industry specialisation. The director and the Management team have more than 20 years of corporate secretarial experiences.
  • ACRA conducts periodic and frequent inspections of Anti money laundering Due Diligence of all the existing corporate secretarial firms in Singapore. JDT has passed all these external inspections.
  • The Managing Director who is the Approved Filing Agent with ACRA is a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountant.
  • Our Secretarial team are trained in their roles to provide corporate advisory with respect to compliance, governance and regulatory matters. The team is headed by Joanna Cheong who has more than 20 years of corporate secretarial experience. She holds a MBA degree.

(2) Member of a major international accounting association- PrimeGlobal

We are a member of PrimeGlobal which is a worldwide accounting and advisory association. PrimeGlobal’s independent member firms house a combined total of over 3,000 partners, 28,000 employees, and upwards of 940 locations in more than 100 countries around the globe. PrimeGlobal members are typically full service, regional, public accounting and business advisory firms. As the international association serving these firms, PrimeGlobal is built first and foremost on strong relationships, and our purpose is to be a source for ideas and access to member firms’ expertise and fundamental standards for success.

Our member firms share a common culture that breeds robust member collaboration and professional support while promoting individual firm growth and success. Through PrimeGlobal, our firms offer the strength and capabilities of a large, worldwide organization with technical depth and geographic reach impossible for a local firm alone.

We are able to refer companies to our member firm in any foreign jurisdictions if your companies need to expand overseas or have any matters that require the advice relating to the foreign jurisdictions.

(3) Advantage of Good Corporate Advisory

A reliable corporate secretarial service firm can help and guide companies through the challenges of setting up and maintaining their business. Companies will be reminded of ACRA’s key compliance deadlines, such as Annual Return filing (based on the Company’s incorporation date and financial yearend), as well as the proper documentation with respect to the appointments of Officers, Auditors (if required) and Company Secretary, etc. Therefore, it eases the companies’ administrative burdens, allowing companies to focus on more important business challenges and legislative requirements.

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